Opening of the sculptural bust of the divisional police officer in Volgograd.

Production of commemorative plaques to the memorial complex.

Design of the memorial to the fallen soldiers by order of the Russian Railways.

Memorial sculpture in England.

Production of the memorial to the fallen in World War II.

Making sculptures to order.

Design and construction of the memorial complex. Development of 3D layouts memorial constructions to order.

Barcelona Monuments.

Production of the monument with a sculpture for a private customer.

The philosophy of art of the sculptor Vadim Burkovsky.

Memorial sculpture in Spain. Photo by Vadim Burkovsky.

Sculpture for the cemetery.

Restoration of memorials to fallen soldiers.

The memorial complex Mamayev Kurgan, Volgograd. Photo by Vadim Burkovsky.

Italian sculpture.

Конкурс скульптуры "Голос истории"
Participation in the contest of sculpture, design of the monument to Yuri Borisovich Levitan.