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Sculpture (lat. Sculptura, from sculpo - cut, carving) - sculpture, plastic - a kind of fine art, whose works are three-dimensional shape and are made of solid or plastic materials - in the broadest sense of the word, to create art out of clay, wax, stone, metal , wood, bone and other materials the image of man, animals and other natural objects in the tactile, physical their forms. The artist, who dedicated themselves to the art of sculpture, called the sculptor, or sculptor. Its main task is the production of a human figure in real or idealized form. Animals play in his work a secondary role, and other items are processed with an ornamental purpose. Production of sculptures. A rare luxury interior dispenses with sculpture. It is this element of architectural sculpture speaks of good taste host, on his quest for well-being and uniqueness. Manufacturing sculpture - long creative process that requires the creator of sculpture excellence and utmost care. Sculpture studio Vadim Burkovsky offers services for the production of sculptural works of any kind or genre of technology art of bronze casting, concrete, plaster, plastic, injection of stone and other materials. In the manufacture of statues, we focus on the following areas: figurative sculpture, monuments, monuments, sculptures, memorial plaques, plates, portrait reliefs, cobbled together from photographs, emblems, logos, etc. Perhaps playing works by famous artists. Look in detail at some of our work you can click on any of the icons you interesting. Each sculpture, custom-made unique. In the future, it is not duplicated and not resold. You will forever remain the sole owner of this sculpture. Bronze sculpture. Speaking about the production of bronze sculptures, one can not forget the numerous monuments found in many cities around the world. To the memory remained for a long time, it is best, of course, to perpetuate it in bronze. Quality bronze monuments, time-tested, certainly confirms this. Therefore, if a decision is made on a monument, sculpture, memorial memorial plaque plate, the material for their manufacture have to be bronze. From tradition can not escape, and artistic and visual capabilities in bronze is not enough. Today, however, modern technology and emerging new materials, such as injection molding artificial stone, lead to visual and aesthetic results, as well as allow you to create absolutely any volume elements, sculptures, monuments, monuments, sculptures, memorial plaques, plates, portrait reliefs , emblems, badges. It is also possible to use these items of other materials, such as wood and stone. Antique sculpture. This sculpture is suitable not only to fans of classical mythology. Ancient Greek architecture is a kind of model, which guided many sculptors. It was from there humanity was all the world's masterpieces, many of whom have lived far more than a century. The analogy of the ancient sculptures in the house will be conclusive evidence of the refined taste of the owner. Produce and buy sculpture. In our workshop Vadim Burkovsky always ready to create a completely any sculptural element for your home, business or office to order. We work with all known materials (plaster, bronze, concrete, natural or artificial stone, and many others) that will create a unique architectural elements. Price set for the product in the sculpture studio Vadim Burkovsky, is one of the most attractive in the architectural and restoration market, and allows the customer to order a sculpture with any requests and financial possibilities. Production. Manufacture of bronze and concrete sculptures, bronzes. Work on the new artistic bronzes begins with the formation of ideas and drawing sketches. If necessary, collects the necessary material - historical, stylistic or ornamental parts, other. Plaster model, as its elements, may be performed in a variety of materials, depending on the size and desired quality sculpting surfaces study. The whole process of making a work of art made of bronze completely hand, virtually unchanged since the XIX century. Materials for making models of sculptures, clay, clay, plaster, plastic, wood; wax, paraffin, stearin; technical gelatin, carpenter's glue, and other plastic compounds. For the manufacture of products in the first bronze that is required - producing the mold. Often artistic precision casting sculpture workshop executed by lost wax, for which the model is removed from the molded shape, which subsequently filled with wax. Thus, a one-time exact wax copy of the model, each wax model passes the author's control and, if necessary, the author's revision. Creation of each new product requires a very serious engineering work of the author with the sketch stage, which is to identify ways to further manufacture products that can help to accurately convey the author's intent. The wax model with the installed runner system (system supplying molten metal into the mold) is fed to manufacture a ceramic mold. Around the wax covered by ceramic mixture that enters the kiln for several hours at a temperature of about 1000 degrees, where the mixture was sintered ceramic forming refractory shaped rigid, and the wax is melted to form a cavity for pouring molten metal. Only after this is supplied to form a ceramic casting metal. After cooling the metal form is broken and removed castings products. After cleaning, the casting of the molding product mixture enters the artistic process, where skilled engravers by grinding, embossing and other operations restore the original appearance of the model and the surface. Some products are generated from a large number of pieces that require complex assembly. Next, the author's manual art completion of each product, so each product is unique, two identical products can not be. The product of the author put the stamp and number. Processed, stored product is placed on the chemical treatment, which is in the process "patination" or artificial aging. Patina forms a protective film of the desired color on the metal surface, thus creating additional artistic effect and preventing the natural oxidation of the metal in air. Each piece is hand-patinated and cleared individually, so the color and placement of products of artistic accents can vary as desired. The bronze sculpture has always symbolized the beautiful prosperous life. Previously afford bronze sculpture could only very rich and noble people, and now anyone can decorate the interior sculptures, bas-reliefs in bronze, copper, concrete or other materials. Sculpture studio Vadim Burkovsky offers a range of services for the production of monuments, monuments, busts, memorial commemorative plaques, plates, reliefs and other products. Manufacture of bronze statues and sculptures made of concrete is always true, as a tribute to tradition. Bronze has the perfect melting characteristics that allows the sculptor to create three-dimensional sculptural complex products as much as possible form and content. You can also order a sculpture studio Vadim Burkovsky exclusive products: sculptures, reliefs, busts in bronze, concrete, copper or other materials designed for you design unique. Or, if necessary, make copies of old or exclusive shapes that can not be bought in stores, but you certainly want to be among the interior of your own home or apartment. Interior elements of this nature can be a wonderful personal gift. And if you make a bronze bust of the man who was going to make a gift - believe me, it will not remain indifferent! Bronze. As a material for sculpture, bronze known for a very long time. Art bronze isolated in a separate section of applied art. Great development of bronze casting has acquired worldwide. Sculptures Vadim Burkovsky differ excellent quality alloy and fine performance. Bronze sculpture is an inherent part of decoration, creating ceremonial and residential interiors. Bronze sculpture associated with wealth and nobility, emphasizes the originality and significance of its owner. In the sculpture studio Vadim Burkovsky any customer will be able to make your personal order for the manufacture of bronze or concrete sculpture, bas-relief, bust or other interior details. Creation of sculptural works in bronze and concrete - the leading activity sculpture studio Vadim Burkovsky. Extant ancient sculptures in bronze, through which you can recreate the ideas of the ancient world. Thus, with the help of bronze sculptures can perpetuate themselves, their loved ones, the memory of any event, person, or any of your imagination. By purchasing a work of sculpture in bronze, bronze sculpture, bronze statuette can pass it down from generation to generation. Can be presented as a gift this extraordinary gift as a handprint by a bronze relief or bronze bust, because there is nothing that pleases neither man like sound of his own name and his own image. Bust of bronze or other sculptural work much more impressive gifts to, rather than a portrait, landscape or still life on canvas or paper, because it is imperishable and three-dimensional! Bronze sculpture can be luxurious and elegant interior detail or element of landscape design. Author's sculpture stylistically emphasize the dignity of your home or office space respectability. Wherever placed the sculpture, it will attract attention and create a unique image of the place where it was placed. Classical, avant-garde, polished or matte sculpture or sculptural work will draw views and leave feeling like aftertaste of good wine. Bronze sculpture by plasso - sculpt, an art form based on the principle of volumetric, three-dimensional image of the object. Creating sculpture begins with the selection of the object image in sculpture, song search. Manufacturing sculpture begins with determining the place of the model in space, motion search, posture, gesture, all those elements that will be the main means of expression the sculpture, which is its harmonious form, will help you bring your thoughts and feelings into harmony and order. After creating sculptures in real space according to the laws of harmony, rhythm, balance, interaction with the surrounding architecture, or the natural environment. There are two main varieties, sculpture in the round, which is freely placed in space, and relief where the image is located on a plane forming its backdrop. It works round sculpture, commonly referred to, a full-length figure, bust, torso. Forms of relief will vary depending on its purpose and position in the plane of the architecture. Height and depth images are divided into low reliefs bas-relief, high relief, high relief, incised and kontrrelefy. According to the content and functions of the sculpture is divided into monumental and decorative, easel. Although these species are developed in close cooperation. In order to produce a sculpture, it is necessary to take into account in each their own characteristics. Monumental and decorative sculpture designed for a specific architectural and spatial or natural environment. It has a pronounced social character, addressed to the masses of spectators, located primarily in public places, streets and squares of the city, in parks, on the facades and interiors of public buildings. Stateliness of forms and durability of the material they are connected with a raised shaped structure, the breadth of generalization. Easel round bronze sculpture, is not directly related to architecture, has a more intimate nature. Rooms exhibitions, museums, residential interiors, where it can be seen up close and in detail, it is normal environment. Thus defines the features of plastic language, its size, favorite genres, portrait, genre, nudes, animal genre. Indoor sculpture interesting inner world of man, subtle psychology. Purpose and content of the sculptural works define the nature of its plastic structure, and she, in turn, influences the choice of sculptural material. Soft matter, clay, wax, clay, used for modeling, solid materials such as gypsum, used to save the form, fashioned in soft materials. In unmelted a bronze processed by caulking. The first attempts to melt bronze occurred on charcoal, by a mixture of copper and tin ores. Now the bronze is melted in induction furnaces, remotely measuring the temperature of the metal to the tenths of a degree. Long since man has sought to decorate your home with beautiful things. It is a luxury sculpture, made by talented, can transform a room or garden. For many centuries, the production of monuments in bronze performed by a constant artistic casting technology that does not depend on the size and design of the figures. First, the wizard creates a sketch of his future creation and embodies it in a plastic material. After all the minute details worked out, harvesting carefully covered with clay. When the top layer dries, the sculptor puts the future of the product in the oven. There, under the influence of high temperature melts the wax, hollow clay remains "negative" future creation, which is filled with metal. Manufacturing of monuments, monuments or statues of bronze ends that separates the master "clay shell" and begins a long, laborious process all elements of sculpture, its grinding and polishing. Today, artistic metal casting is complete without the use of modern technologies. Now, before you start modeling, sculpture workshop to present to the customer for approval sketch of the future work on the computer in 3D-format. Bronze has amazing properties of strength and ductility that allows you to create products of different levels of complexity, while working through the tiniest fragments. Bronze - an alloy, which is based on copper, mixed in various proportions with other chemical elements: tin, aluminum, beryllium, lead, and so on. D. (Except for nickel and zinc). Bronze has high strength, corrosion resistance and anti-friction properties to these properties, it is superior to pure copper. In bronze good resistance in air, in water, in alkaline solutions and different environments. Almost all bronze respond well to welding and soldering and brazing. Bronze obtained by melting copper alloying element, as mentioned above, in the electric induction furnace. After solidification, the sculptor gives the product a finished look. Casting in bronze material allows you to make any shape, size and artistic aesthetics, thus creating a work of art. Casting allows you to fully utilize all the features of the metal, and compliance bronze, allows to work out the smallest elements of sculpture. Bronze sculpture is unique in the play of light and grace reflections on the polished surface, which allows the sculptor to create accurate portrait sculpture and use the properties of the material while creating monumental sculptures. Contemporary art molding requires a sculptor not only talent and professional art education, but knowledge of the technical features of the material. For many years the sculptor knows the subtleties of work, learning from the examples of the great masters, studying the surviving works of ancient authors. Sculptural works after completion of the manufacturing process necessarily need decorating. And it not only improves the appearance of sculpture, bas-relief memorial memorial plaque, but also protects the product by any technique, from the external environment, increases their age. Applying a simple chemical treatment, which is called "patina" on the surface of the bronze sculptures are colored protective and decorative coating. A surface of concrete painted with protective paint or impregnated protective compounds.